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If you are interested in receiving the lead or job as described, please complete the details below.

You can either offer the requested "Lead Fee" or offer any other amount you are willing to pay for the lead or job. You can also request the lead on a shared basis at a reduced rate where we will offer the lead on a shared basis to up to 3 installers or assessors.

The lead will be passed in accordance with our standard terms and our standard returns policy.

Lead Offer Details.

Contact us and receive regular leads from householders in the areas you work.

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Our Service:

The lead details are as detailed within the notification email; information offered is as provided by the client and from additional research carried out by ourselves.


Because the schemes vary and the value of potential work can differ, we encourage installers and assessors to set their own fees for the leads they receive. This helps to ensure our clients receive a prompt service from assessors and installers who are able to install work within a reasonable time-scale. Leads and referrals are covered by a comprehensive returns policy.


If you are interested in receiving the lead, please complete the offer and send it to us by completing the details contained within this form.


Job Fees:

There no minimum job fee required, as such you can offer any amount you consider fair and reflects the value of the job generated from the lead, HHCRO and CSCO leads may have a higher value.


Job fees are refundable and are only payable where an order for work is received and refundable in accordance with our terms and conditions as relevant at the time of request.


Lead Basis:

Lead will only be provided on a solus basis where we have not accepted any offer previously on a shared basis.


Contact Details:

Please enter or update your contact details or include your registration number if previously registered.


Lead details where offers are successful will be forwarded to the email address as supplied or detailed within this form.


Additional Requirements:

We can offer the additional services in most areas of the country which can normally be completed within 48hrs of acceptance.

Service fee offered is not covered by our returns policy.

Thank you for for your offer, we will respond shortly.


You can cancel all lead notifications by replying "NO" to the notification email at any time.

To set up an account or to contact us directly, please telephone: 0203 355 0340

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